Project Status 3 – Warning: Idea Off Leash

Do you ever have an idea that gets totally out of control? The sort which you intend to grow into a nice, quickly written, self-contained, light novel – just a bit of silliness, really – but which then gets off its leash somehow and before you know it has morphed into a massively complex, socio-political mess which is insisting that it would rather like to be the next A Song of Ice and Fire, no matter how much you tell it “NO!”?

I’m having that problem tonight. It’s an old idea that I figured out how to make work – only for it to get completely out of hand because of that. It’s going to need massive amounts of research and planning. It’s also got hopelessly poor timing, because I’ve got four other writing projects (and this blog, and a job, and a need for a second job) going at the moment. One is in the editing stage (actually, I need to get around to doing my taking in of the edits, but it’s always frustrating and depressing), one in the writing stage (I’m on chapter four), one in the plotting stage (apparently the characters have decided on sit and talk as a plot, as opposed to the adventure I intended), and one in the research for plotting stage (in order to write a story focused around a character’s job, I need to know exactly how it works and that basically means learning new jobs in this case).

What I’m basically saying is that there’s not going to be a proper post this week, because I’m busy chasing a rabid idea. See you (kind of) next week?


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