Author Status 4 – Writexistential Crisis

An existential crisis brought on by one’s writing.

The fear that your absolute lack of ability to get a response is actually proof that you don’t exist.

What happens when you get and use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and a blog in order to create an author platform, but despite following all the best advice you continue to go essentially unnoticed.

Something that makes you wonder if there is a point to continuing to post or publish as it seems that not only does no one care, no one even sees it.

Also: the reason I haven’t been posting those lengthy in-depth theories and analysis on writing which it seems no one particularly cares for anyway. That and it’s the end of the tax year and I’m busy with my day job.


2 thoughts on “Author Status 4 – Writexistential Crisis

  1. Anla'Shok

    If it helps, I’ve started looking a bit at this after you said you were taking down your stories. The few posts I’ve read (writing advice, thoughts on folklore) I found very interesting (and I was shocked to see so many people apparently didn’t understand ‘Inside Out’^^).^

    Good luck with everything. From my faraway lurker perspective, you’ve got the drive and brains to succeed, so hold on tight.


    1. It does help. Thank you. I’m glad you found some of my posts interesting (it shocked me too, given how straightforward and clear the creators of Inside Out were about the message). Thank you so much, it means a lot to me to know I’m not talking into a complete void. I’ll try to hold tight but that makes it hard to also use a keyboard.


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