Help! My Story Has the Mary-Sue Disease

marysuediseasefinal-fjm_high_res_1800x2700Mary-Sue Disease is like Chicken Pox: Every author’s work comes down with it at least once and it’s not hard to cure …if you know how. Have you been told that your character is a “Mary Sue” because they have cool traits? RUBBISH. Or that “Mary-Sue” means any awesome female character? NONSENSE. Or that admitting Mary-Sues are badly written and need improvement is anti-feminist? BULLSHIT. This book has real advice about how to make your awesome character with all those cool traits actually work. And you know what? With a little chicken soup and love, any story can overcome Mary-Sue Disease and star a well-rounded, awesome protagonist.

Print, Mobi/Epub, and Kindle versions available. Please note all books are in English. One day, when I’m famous, I’ll get them translated.

You can check out a free preview on Amazon here.

Available at:, (print and Nook), (Epub),, (print and Kobo),,, (print), (Epub), (ebook), (ebook), (epub), and (epub), (ebook),,, (Kindle),, (Kindle),,, (Kindle),,,, and (Kindle). 

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