On Writing:

Dissecting Dystopia

The Importance of Precision, Accuracy, and Paying Attention

Rant On X-Mas’ Assumed Universiality

Messy Metaphors and Silly Similes

Understanding Utopia

Magic Trick Traits

The “It’s Easy” and “It’s Hard” Fallacies

The Neat-Complex Axis

False Flaws and Further Frequent Fictional Fuck-Ups

Focusing Flaws

Less is More

Non-Writing Things To Do When Writing

What is Quality?

Methods of World Building

Methods of Plotting

Methods of Character Building

Artists and Gods

The Author’s Not Dead, or Why “The Death of the Author” NEEDS TO DIE A HORRIBLE FIERY DEATH

Fantasy IS Fantastic, Thanks, And Needs No “Secretly Sci-Fi” Justification

Fantasy IS Fantastic, Thanks, And Doesn’t Deserve Scorn

Fantasy IS Fantastic, Thanks, And Has Its Own Worth

Fantasy IS Fantastic, Thanks, And Is Bloody Hard to Pull Off

How the Viewers of Inside Out Got the Message Upside Down

Commonly Misused Words

Dense Descriptions and Descriptive Density

Descriptive Specificity

The Three Types of Speculative Fiction

Myths About Writing

Slytherins Aren’t Ambitious

Grounding Fantasy

Naming Villains

Contrast, Foreshadowing, Mood, Ice and Fire

Fantastically Disturbing Implications 

The Internal Conflict Games

Creativity, Writer’s Block, and the Power of “Yes, And?”

On Folklore:

Could People Stop Underestimating Folklore, Please?

Folklore is Not Static

V is For Vampire (Part 1)

V is For Vampire (Part 2: a Bite Sized History)

V is For Vampire (Part 3: Vampire, Modern)

 V is For Vampire Vegetables

On Constructing Folklore

On Reality

Yes, All Cars

“You Need to Get a Goodreads! You Need to Show People Your Bookshelf!”

The Zero Was Important, and Aces Are Too.

On L.C. Morngenstern’s Works:

Scrap Pile:

Life Without Smell

The God-Writer Metaphor

My House; My Rules

Scientists, Religion, and Travelling Salesmen

Portraying Phobias

Project Status:

Wishing for a Time Machine (04.05.16)

Warning: Idea Off Leash (29.07.16)

Folding and Fury (5.10.16)

Cash Strapped and Exasperated (19.10.16)

The Ascent of Hassle Mountain (03.01.17)

A Hint (18.02.2017)

Everybody Limbo (26.02.2017)

Oops. (11.05.18)

Author Status:

Pressure to Produce (22.08.16)

Destructive Distractions (02.02.17)

The Stress Don’t Stop (Because You Published) (16.03.17)

Writexistential Crisis (02.04.17)

This Is Going To Take A While (02.08.17)


New Release Announcements:

Help! My Story Has the Mary-Sue Disease – Kindle (24.02.17)

Help! My Story Has the Mary-Sue Disease – Print (5.03.17)


Review a Book Badly:

Cruel Zinc Melodies



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