Author Status 4 – Writexistential Crisis

An existential crisis brought on by one’s writing. The fear that your absolute lack of ability to get a response is actually proof that you don’t exist. What happens when you get and use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and a blog in order to create an author platform, but despite following all the best advice you …

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Author Status !? – The Stress Don’t Stop (because you published)

I am SO sorry for not having gotten back to posting regularly (it was supposed to go back to once a week - my bad). As you might have guessed, this last ...well, almost a month now if we're counting from the Kindle release... has been hectic. I've only just published for the first time …

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Author Status 1 – Pressure to Produce

In this modern, social media obsessed world, beginning authors are constantly warned that they absolutely must have social media – which they must keep constantly updated – in order to get noticed and Make It. Have a twitter. Have a facebook. Have a blog. Have a goodreads. Have a youtube channel. Have a website. Have …

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